IceStar Media now managing the Grim's Dyke Business Club's social media.

January 2016

We are very happy to announce that we are now working with the Grim’s Dyke Business Club on the management of their social media communications for 2016.

Based in Harrow, North London, the Grim’s Dyke Business Club supports business and professional growth through knowledge and personal recommendations. Monthly meetings take place in the beautiful music room of the prestigious Grim’s Dyke Hotel where members network, learn and dine whilst making valuable business connections and building friendships.

We are extremely happy to manage and support the business club as we share very similar core personal and business values, to support others, to contribute to our local community, to build strong and long lasting relationships with our customers and be completely honest and transparent in our approach to every type of project we are involved with.

We are currently updating and managing the club’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages with the aim to increase membership to the club with later projects including the re-development of the Grim’s Dyke Business Club website in a responsive and mobile friendly structure. Part of the management of the social media for the club includes regular research of relevant and current news, blog, trends and statistics and sharing this information via the various social media channels as well as working closely with the club founder, Jenny Lamski, and her team to generate interesting and useful content.

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