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A virus, theft or just a glass of water, mishaps can happen. Our online backup service ensures that if you do have a disaster or just lose a file, help is only a web browser away.

Whether you choose to backup your client files, artwork or an entire machine, we'll ensure you get back your data in the event of a problem and we'll even monitor your backup for free*.

We offer different services depending on your needs - a true offline backup service that allows you to restore files to any point in time and a cloud storage service that will faithfully replicate the contents of chosen folders on your computer to our UK based cloud system.

If you are unsure of your requirements, the cloud storage service lets you work from anywhere and share files with colleagues and clients - but as it sync's those files, if you change a file in one location, it's changed in all locations.

The online backup service is automated has a retention period - you choose how many days, weeks or months you want to store your data - and if you delete, change or corrupt the information at your end, you can get it back.

Questions, choices and a free trial

We know that reading about backup and storage just doesn't demonstrate the service properly, so why not get in touch with us. If you're not backing up at the moment, because it's too slow, you forget or it's a chore you are putting your business in jeopardy - don't wait any longer!

*free monitoring is a complimentary automated service. You should always check backups yourself and IceStar Media will not be liable for data loss under any circumstances.

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