Plug in and go, hassle free, monthly rental plan

The pain

When you run your own business, you have to do everything yourself and if technology is not one of your strengths, keeping your IT running smoothly can be very frustrating. Today, you don’t have to just keep connected but also consider how IT problems can affect your business and clients.

 What if they can't email me? What if I send them a virus? What happens if I drop my laptop? 


Lots of gain

You can forget your old slow laptop and expensive IT repair bills with Plug In and Go - everything is included in a simple monthly rental and you can choose the services you need to make the perfect package. You get brand new equipment and there are no nasty surprises - and with managed anti-virus and email screening, no nasty anything!

The relief

We understand your pain - and we are also aware that as a small business or entrepreneur you need to keep control of costs - which is the reason we introduced plug in and go.  Depending on your requirements, Plug in and Go can provide and manage EVERYTHING you need technology-wise to run your business. Services and hardware can be chosen from the list below:

 Laptop
 Tablet
 Phone
 Anti-virus & Anti-spam
 Domain name
 Email
 Cloud backup
 Office 365
 Remote support

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