Site security & SSL certificates

Whether you are collecting credit card details or personal information, show that you care about your customers and their security by protecting their data with a SSL certificate.

A security certificate encrypts all data between your website and your customers web browser.

Additionally an EV SSL certificate provides visual reassurance that you have been vetted as a valid business and that the site they are visiting is actually your site and not subject to any phishing scams.


Anti malware

Adding the Geotrust Anti-Malware scanner to your site, provides both yourself and your customers reassurance that your site is not going to infect their machine with some nasty. The daily scan will find any threats long before the scans that the main search engines perform, allowing you to fix any issues before you get blocked from those search engines.

Options and pricing

To find out more about the types of security certificates and anti malware scanners that we can install for you please chose from the options below and contact us to talk through your exact requirements.

Security certificates

For more information about the different security certificates that we provide please click on the links below:

QuickSSL Premium

TrueBusinessID + EV

Anti malware scanner

For more details and pricing about the anti malware service we provide please click on the link below:

Anti malware

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