Web content management 

The design of your website is naturally very important as it needs to stand out, create visual impact and make a strong first impression with your visitors. However, it’s your website content that will ultimately attract their interest and what will keep them coming back.

Your website content serves 3 very important purposes:

1. To engage with and attract potential clients;
2. To keep visitors interested so that they keep coming back;
3. To increase search engine rankings/visibility.

Search engines like Google rank the quality of your content very highly, in other words if your website does not have enough quality content this will be directly reflected in their search results. It takes more than having a well-designed website to keep your visitors coming back. Time is of the essence, visitors make their decision to stay on a web site or leave within seconds so ultimately they need a reason to come back and that reason is good quality content.

How to keep your visitors coming back

The key is to entice your visitors to come back regularly to see what’s new and once they can see that your content is fresh and relevant they will keep coming back so it must be kept varied, informative and engaging and this requires a lot of time and planning to make sure your content stays up to date.

As part of your web content management plan, we will firstly discuss all aspects of your content with you (including your social media channels where relevant) in detail in order to gain a better understanding of your industry and secondly plan out the right maintenance program for your business to ensure that your content attracts the right target audience by remaining fresh and relevant.

How often should content be updated?

This will depend on the nature of your business, some websites may need daily or weekly updates, others fortnightly but generally speaking your content should be updated as often as possible.

How do you keep up with it all?

We provide flexible monthly pricing plans for businesses requiring regular content updates as well as hourly and daily rates. Please contact us to discuss your web content requirements in more detail.


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