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During the current Covid-19 crisis, we are seeing many businesses struggling and unable to get their business on line or even to stay open, due to initial expense, or difficulty in set-up and management.

Depending on your business, you may not need to have a full eCommerce solution, or a 3rd party service such as DocuSign. There are a number of Form plugins for WordPress that offer some advanced options that can replace an eCommerce/advanced business solution for some basic requirements.


For a small restaurant wanting to take orders in a hurry, you can replicate your order form, take payments and optionally take a delivery address. The form will total up, offer options and even integrate with a payment provider to take online payments. We have put a couple of demos for you to try here:

Chinese Menu

Pizza Menu

Business Services

For a service based business, you may be wanting to get people to sign up for your services, provide their letter head (or other proof) and a signature. This demo doesn’t have payment added in, but it could do.

Sign up Form

Other options

There are many things you can do with these forms including:

Pre-filling based on URLS (links) – so you can generate invoice links to your website, prefill in details based on the link and enable your customers to pay online.

Offer personalised gifts – You can offer file uploads, text input etc. to then provide gifts with personal messages or images


There is no cart or cross page “memory” and for larger stores the price calculations can be complex as such this definitely isn’t for everyone, however for smaller businesses and budget options it can be useful, the other benefit is its very quick to set-up.

Best of all

One of the plugins that takes care of all of this is included in all of our monthly WordPress plans (including the £25 +VAT per month starter sites).

For more details just give us a call on 01438 894 776.

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