ICT Support for schools

We are currently re-designing a new website for another Hertfordshire Primary school who liked the look and structure of another school website we have worked on.

As part of the initial discussions, the Headteacher was very pleasantly surprised about the fact that we do not charge upfront fees to start a project. At IceStar Media our fees are set up as a “pay-per-month” service which means that our clients, especially some schools who have limited funds in their ICT “pots” do not have to wait to secure sufficient budgets before they can proceed with their website re-development.

Our website packages for schools start from a very competitive £70 + VAT per month and after the 18 month minimum contract period we offer a free website redesign or makeover. We pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to our clients and our dedication to customer retention in the longer term.

So what do our website packages for schools include?

  • Facility for a tiered level of admin access to the website; for example, a main administrator who has control over all areas of the website then class admins to update class pages and upload images, photos, PDF files, media files etc to their specific class pages only.
  • A calendar of school events that can be downloaded/synchronised with parents/staff mobile devices such as iPhone or Android devices.
  • Responsive website technology for optimal viewing across a variety of mobile devices, including iPads, Android tablets and automatic re-sizing of page content and layout on laptops and desktop computers with different screen sizes.
  • Stat counters for “house” or “class” points over a school term.
  • Media galleries to upload photos, create photo galleries and video/PowerPoint presentations.
  • Organised media directories for school newsletters, parent documents, school policy documents, curriculum documents, etc.
  • Facility for school teachers and support staff to create blog posts about school events, school trips, extracurricular activities and more!
  • Option for school staff to manage their own website content with an easy to use website editing interface to format fonts, headings, add images and links, etc.

Our monthly fee doesn’t just include the re-design of the website, we include 45 minutes of content changes should they be required, if one month the time allocation is not used or one month an hour of updates are required we are completely flexible about how the time is used and allocated, we are here to help and not be regimented with how we assist our clients with the ongoing maintenance of their websites. Website plugins (ones that add extra features or functionality) are updated regularly, site back-ups are taken regularly so in the event of a member of staff deleting or changing something important we can restore an earlier version! A security certificate comes as standard with all of our websites, we are on it about data security, backups and protecting our clients against hackers.

We are Cyber Essentials Certified and Compliant.

For more information about our website services for schools please just give us a call on 01438 894 776, email us at [email protected] or use the blue Messenger button on your screen!

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