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Are your databases bursting at the seams?

    Multiple Excel spreadsheets or Access databases shared across staff? Too many manual paper/email processes? Data capture errors? Process repetition? Duplication of data capture? Existing systems causing low staff morale? Sound all too familiar?

    Over the years we have invested a lot of our time to understand what our customers want and work with them closely to build data management/database systems exactly for them.  Our process is simple, we will:


    Identify requirements through workshops & business process analysis with key personnel.


    Create and distribute a technical specification document to the project team, including a disaster recovery plan if one is not in place, if there is we will review that too.


    Build of database system and phased release to project team for testing and final sign off. Launch, on-going support and upgrades.

    So if all of the above is true and your databases are causing stress then talk to us, we will review your database processes and work with you and your staff to identify key requirements and build you a system that works for you – not the other way around.