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Don’t overlook the importance of good metadata for SEO..

    We were recently contacted by the Director of MojoBoost Camps to review their website and see if there was any way to for us to improve its organic rankings on Google. The website promoting the launch of a new approach to bootcamp fitness camps wasn’t ranking well in searches using the search term “bootcamp Hitchin” so we had a look at the pages and with improvements to the metadata for each page and subtle content changes the website now appears on page 2 of Google when searching for “bootcamp Hitchin”. This has all happened within a few days of improving the metadata for the web pages so it goes to show that setting up pages with relevant keywords, titles and descriptions can really make that difference.

    Our approach is that’s it’s always best to check the webpage structure side of things before investing heavily in pay-per-click advertising which can get pretty expensive so for a free, no obligation analysis of your website just send us an email or give us a call.