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Go live for Furneux Pelham Primary School!

    We are delighted to announce the launch of a newly re-designed school website management system for Hertfordshire based Furneux Pelham Primary School. We were contacted by the headteacher Mrs Foley who had seen examples of other school website systems we have built for other schools. The new website system includes features such as:

    • Facility for a tiered level of admin access to the website; for example, a main administrator who has control over all areas of the website then class admins to update class pages and upload images, photos, PDF files, media files etc to their specific class pages only.
    • A calendar of school events that can be downloaded/synchronised with parents/staff mobile devices such as iPhone or Android devices.
    • Responsive website technology for optimal viewing across a variety of mobile devices, including iPads, Android tablets and automatic re-sizing of page content and layout on laptops and desktop computers with different screen sizes.
    • Stat counters for “house” or “class” points over a school term.
    • Media galleries to upload photos, create photo galleries and video/PowerPoint presentations.
    • Organised media directories for school newsletters, parent documents, school policy documents, curriculum documents, etc.
    • Facility for schoolteachers and support staff to create blog posts about school events, school trips, extracurricular activities and more!
    • Option for school staff to manage their own website content with an easy-to-use website editing interface to format fonts, headings, add images and links, etc.
    • 60 minutes of support per month once system is live 
    How the website looked before the re-design.

    To view the new website click here >