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Need your IT systems reviewed? Give us a call!

    Having re-designed the website for Hertfordshire based Aston St Mary’s Primary School last year, we were contacted once more by the Headteacher and Chair of Governors to review the school’s IT systems and infrastructure.

    We carried out a full IT review of the school’s existing hardware and software systems, including printers, projectors, iPads, laptops, educational software, back-up processes and server security as well as identify cost savings and highlight areas for improvement.

    During the initial audit, we spoke to various school staff in different classrooms and Committee members to discuss limitations and user issues with current IT systems and have since taken over the monthly IT support for the school.

    The school staff are an absolute pleasure to work with and we thoroughly enjoy being on hand to troubleshoot and resolve IT issues and make recommendations to save the school vital funds wherever possible.

    If you’re looking for an independent IT audit of your current business systems then we are just a phone call or email away to discuss your issues and talk through where we can help you. We aren’t biased toward any particular brand or supplier of IT equipment or software, we simply will advise you only on what is best for your business and budget!