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Second Lockdown…we are open and here to help.

    With the second UK lockdown coming on Thursday 5th November businesses of all sizes from all types of industries will be affected once more. With employees and staff having to work from home once more we know and understand how vital it is to have the right IT infrastructure and set-up to connect your new home office virtually with the one in the office.

    We may be entering another lockdown but it doesn’t change what we do or how we deliver our support to our clients. We are a phone call, email or Zoom, What’s App or Skype video call away to provide dedicated web and database support, as well as advice on cloud based systems to avoid disparate data and spreadsheets stored in various locations and not always easy to access should they be on a different laptop or a local server in the office.

    If we can be of any assistance with your home working systems or business databases, CRM or online business systems please do give us a call to find out more on 01438 894 776 or email us at [email protected]. We are here to help you.

    We wish everyone and their families good health during these challenging times Be safe.