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VPN and Wireless Security

    As was recently demonstrated on BBC’s Watchdog programme using a wireless hotspot can be a risky business. This is due to the necessity of leaving the hotspot open so that much of your internet communication is visible to the rest of the users at the same hotspot. Whilst the recent programme blamed the hotspot providers, there are very good technical reasons why these hotspots are left open – mainly so you can access them easily.

    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution would fix all of this, so why don’t the hotspot providers provide a VPN solution for you to use while there? Well, this is down to cost. There is nothing stopping them adding this service, but to provide it in your package would mean you get charged more for the overall service. Hence it is available only as an optional extra.

    There are varying types of VPN service available, all of which have their pros and cons. They all do one basic thing and that is to encrypt traffic between your computer or mobile phone and a server. IceStar Media Ltd. now offer a VPN service that allows you to ensure you encrypt all of your traffic whilst at a wireless hotspot.

    We are offering a PPTP style VPN connection, this is the easiest of all VPN connection types to set-up and is widely available on the majority of operating systems. All you need are three bits of information: Your username, your password and the name of the VPN server to access.

    From as little as £75.00 + VAT per year you can protect your valuable data and security details on the move.

    For more information please contact us.