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We wish you a happy & safe Christmas & New Year!

    Where to begin to summarise the past year is the first challenge. We don’t think anybody could or would have predicted what 2020 would be like this time last year. We are remaining positive and optimistic as always that by this time next year we will have made great progress to get back on track with life. We have learnt that the single most important thing is our health and well being, and we have had a long time to take stock of what is really important in life this year – life itself, it’s the ultimate gift.

    From a business perspective, we are here, we have always been prepared for scenarios where face to face meetings aren’t possible and have adapted our business much like thousands of others to minimise service interruption during the Covid-19 pandemic. The very nature of our online service range means that we can continue to offer our customers the highest levels of support and systems management through Zoom, Teams, What’s App and other video and phone meeting apps and software to communicate with clients all over the world.

    We have assisted many local businesses to adapt their distribution processes to provide click and collect services, change face to face training courses to online courses and so on. As a family operated business we are committed to supporting our local businesses and local initiatives and enterprises and will continue to offer free advice to any business in or out of the area to get back on track or change their online businesses processes, whether it’s an online shop, online training, cloud-based customer relationship management systems, websites for schools data security and bespoke databases for customised reports and so forth.

    We have a lot of projects in the IceStar Media “baking oven” that will be delivered in the new year, including a re-designed website for another Hertfordshire based primary school.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and work colleagues and friends whom we have worked with in 2020 a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, one filled with positivity and hope for 2021, and above all good health to everyone. Enjoy those mince pies and overindulging on Xmas goodies over the next few weeks as we all deserve a treat after this challenging year! We look forward to working with you all in 2021 and wish you a new year filled with brighter days. Please take care, be safe out there and let’s enjoy this Xmas period safely.