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Website Design & eCommerce

We will make your website and online systems "do more" for you...

Is your business website working as hard as you are? Let’s give your website a workout and get it into shape! We will take the time to talk to you and understand your business and make sure that your website delivers your brand to the right audiences, looks great on all devices, works hard to bring in enquiries and sales for you, is highly visible on organic search engine listings and keeps up with your competitors. We keep things simple and we will advise you on the very latest functionality to make sure your website works HARDER than you do.

We work on the understanding that your website belongs to you, but we are here to offer you the best possible advice and online business knowledge to blast your website up to the next level and keep reaching higher. When it comes to how we run our business, we are most definitely NOT the type of company that will charge you a fortune to build a website and then charge on top for every little change once your website goes live. Neither will we cut corners and deliver a cheaply built website. We are completely transparent with our prices and we will discuss everything with you clearly along the way and build a working relationship with you. We will take the time to understand your business and propose the best possible styles and functionalities for your website using the latest technologies so that your website looks great on a laptop as well as a smartphone or tablet device, is nice and fast and performs as well as it should on organic search engine listings. And all of our websites are hosted on secure servers based right here in the UK.

We have worked with small and medium-sized businesses, financial advisors, property investment specialists, training providers, charities, estate agents. clothes shops, gift shops, florists, pet shops, schools, education centres, and even an online store selling thousands of high-end quality socks both here in the UK and in the US every year! 

We will take your website to the next level!
We work with businesses of all sizes..
Responsive websites will re-size automatically on all devices

The Build Process

Step 1: Free Meeting

Each business is different so we will meet with you (or call) to find out more about what you do, ask questions, answer your questions, look at your competitors, understand your products and service range, branding and who your target markets are and where there are opportunities to expand. During the meeting we will also discuss website hosting and domain names, you can either arrange this yourself or let us take the hassle away and do it all for you and deal with annual renewals. We will also ask you to send us your "wish list" and make sure all of it gets incorporated into your website! We won't charge you for this initial consultation, and we hope that by the end of the meeting you will decide that we are the team to work with.

Step 2: The Quote

After the meeting we will write up a detailed quotation for you and be clear about timescales, what you need to provide to us in terms of your content, photos, product descriptions, logos, etc. and of course the price. We offer a handy monthly payment plan so if you want to spread the cost of your website build over an agreed timescale we can set that up for you. The very same will apply if you are just after a website refresh with some new features and a tidy up of images and content. We will advise you all along the way about image quality, readability of website content and any additional functionaluty or features that can really boost your website performance.

Step 3: Let's Go!

Once you are happy with all of the details and want to get started we will send out all the paperwork outlining everything and once you have signed it all off we can get cracking! Throughout the build process, you will have full access to a demo site to review the progress of your website. During the build phase we will also work with you to make sure your website content is working just as hard too, as this will help enormously with getting your website performing well in organic search engine listings and increase its visibility in search results. (by organic we mean regular listings that are not paid adverts). Once the website has been fully tested and signed off for release by you we will make it live.

Our Prices

Each business is different, some may need a small website with a few pages and others will need a bigger website with more features and functionality, particularly if it’s an online shop. We will therefore quote each business specifically on their requirements. If cash flow is a concern we can set you up with a monthly payment plan to spread the cost of your website out for you. PRICES FROM £350.00 + VAT

Website Build Checklist

Have I registered my domain name and arranged website hosting? Or do I want my website developers to take care of all if this on my behalf?

Have I prepared my content for each web page? Have I supplied detailed information about my business, my products and services, and collated reviews from customers? Are my photos of high enough resolution so they look sharp and clear? Is my logo of good enough quality, 300DPI and above is the way to go. Have I outlined my terms and conditions, returns policy, and other legally required details that must be visible on the website?

What message to I want my business to deliver to website visitors? Should I offer online promotions? Are my products and services seasonal? 

Have I supplied social media links so that they can be added to the website? Am I doing enough on social media to drive traffic to the website?

Have I supplied links to TrustPilot for reviews or other websites that do the same?

Have I supplied newsletters or editorials that can be added to the website?

Trustpilot Excellent

Website Design Grantham
Does your website look good on all devices? We will make sure that it does!
We will take the time to plan out your website and content properly with SEO at the forefront of the design and structure.
Website Re-Designs

Website Re-Designs

We can give your website a makeover without rebuilding it..

If you do not need a new website built but need it tidied up and given a reboot then we can most certainly do that for you.  We will happily review your website for you at no cost and provide a detailed quote. In some cases, and depending on the age of your website and the functionality that was used to build it, it may be the case that we would recommend that it is re-built using modern web coding technologies that will resize your website across all mobile devices as well as laptop/desktop screens and improve its performance on search engine listings. We can most certainly refresh your website content, images and layout. It is not always necessary to rebuild a website but it is important to keep it up to date and ensure that it is not left vulnerable to cyber break-ins.

Contact us with your requirements and we will review your website and prepare a bespoke quote for you!

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