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Access and Excel spreadsheets bursting at the seams? Read on…

    Your customer data is one of your most valuable business assets.  With so many communication platforms out there including phone, text, direct mail, review sites, email, online forms and multiple social media channels do you really know how to best manage this “relational data” so that your business can better understand and know who your customers really are, what their buying patterns and behaviours are, what they like or dislike or are have a positive or negative reaction towards your brand, services or products?

    Perhaps when you started your business you created an Access database or you managed your marketing communications with Excel spreadsheets but while your business and customer reach has expanded have your data management processes grown with you?

    A few key questions to ask are:

    Is your business experiencing data sharing blockages from too many users? Are data capture errors becoming more frequent? Are you experiencing process repetition and duplicated data capture and reporting among co-workers? Do you have a robust data security and recovery plan?

    Identification of where your data has become “blocked” is the first step. Understanding your business processes and recommending the right data management solution for your business is the next step and where we come into the equation.

    If your business is currently experiencing a “blockage” why not give us a call to see if we can help, or why not arrange a free, non-obligatory consultation to discuss your data management and security or alternative CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems in more depth? For more information about the type of the custom database systems we have developed and support head on over to our Database Systems page at: