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Case Study: Custom Database Development

    Deep Water Blue manage water and waste treatment for steam production, heating systems, cooling towers and process operations. They work in partnership with offices, facilities management companies, hospitals, food production plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other organisations with stringent water treatment regimes for system efficiency and Legionella control. 

    For steam generation, cooling water system control and water treatment, the HSE 274, INDG436 and the BG04 require statutory duty holders to document all measures which are put in place to control risk.

    As specialist steam consultants, Deep Water Blue commissioned us to develop a web portal (vSteam) which in a nutshell is a unique data management and maintenance programme built upon our core development system, developed in-house by our own development team. The web portal allows Deep Water Blue’s engineers to record how and when “actions” have been taken to improve system performance and control risk.  

    Originally developed for use with steam systems the vSteam® system now extends to any type of water treatment system from Cooling Towers through to heating systems and chilled water. It can further be adapted to meet the requirements of any water-based system requiring data capture, collation and interpretation.

    It is a trademarked and unique, easy-to-use training systeminteractive control panel and log-book which:

    • Saves time
    • Clearly identifies actions using Deep Water Blue’s ColourCode© system
    • Allows shared access for comments and technical support
    • Offers “level one” technical support by interactive dialogue boxes
    • Allows recording of not only test results but also photographic records, scans, sound files and basically any type of system file relevant to water treatment control
    • Allows engineer worksheets to be created and printed off, to be taken to the point of use and then returned to the person in charge, once the job has been completed
    • Allows compliance with HSG274/INDG436 and BG04
    • Closes the loop of responsibility
    • Makes things easy!


    With the vSteam®, engineers simply enter data into pre-designed forms, ensuring their records remain up-to-date. All users enabled by the client on the system are then notified of any data added or comments made on that data or the system performance in general. Engineers can download reports and graphs to show trends in performance. Issues are highlighted automatically in red or amber, with recommendations for remedial action. Once the action has taken place, this is also recorded in the log and enabled users are immediately notified, keeping all key personnel, right up to date.

    This is an ongoing and long-term project between IceStar Media and Deep Water Blue. For more information visit the vSteam page.