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Encouraging the little people to get their “creative” on!

    When it comes to working with schools we love involving children in our school website projects and encouraging them to get involved! From drawings to input into design and content elements they are seriously clued up about technology.

    On this occasion, the Head Teacher of a school we work with asked if our daughter would like to create a series of staff profiles for their school website. It comes at a time when she is actively asking more questions about what mum and dad actually “do” and what is involved with running a business, can she work with us and would a salary of £1 a week be a good starting point! After giving her the biggest hug (I mean come on, how cute is that?!), we explained what we do, the creative elements, the technical sides, the business model based on ethics and building long term relationships with our clients and our commitment to quality in our website and database systems.

    So when she was asked if she would like a little creative project and to have her work published on a website she asked me to text her the details and asked for an accurate list of exactly what was required from her. I can definitely say she has understood the brief, delivered on time and put in her very best efforts to produce excellent quality work. I think we can do better than the £1 a week starting salary!

    Nothing gives me more pleasure to see children want to get involved and learn about new things, and when it comes to IceStar Media we are therefore delighted to announce that we have a new Junior Consultant on board – she earned it!

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