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It’s Autumn “harvest” season at IceStar Media!

    First of all, we would like to thank all of our valued clients for their kind and thoughtful messages of support over the last few weeks while our little lady was getting over Covid. She’s back at school now and very much looking forward to the half-term break that is fast approaching at the end of this week!

    Like the outdoor creatures, all great and small who are gathering their “stash” of acorns and nuts and berries in preparation for the next few months, we too have been busy. We have a series of new websites in the pipeline for the new year and we cannot wait to get started.

    We have also been working on some local advertising in Grantham and the surrounding villages and it was nice to get spotted outside by someone who recognised us from our photos that were part of an advert that went out in a locally distributed community link magazine!

    We have been very busy with a new project with one of our business partners over the past few months and it will be released at the forthcoming COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow next month. In fact, we are extremely proud and passionate about our involvement in this particular project – for very obvious reasons!

    This does not mean that we do not have time to get involved with new projects, from bespoke database systems tailored to your business or give your website a makeover to start off with a fresh new “face” for 2022 so please do give us a call on Grantham 01476 848 168, WhatsApp message us on +44 7888 868 917 or email us at [email protected].