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We build tailored business CRM plug-ins too..

    Our recently released Suite CRM Reports Enhancer Plug-in allows you to add custom SQL to your SuiteCRM reports and view the formatted SQL statement.

    The SuiteCRM Reporting module is pretty good at what it does, however, there are a few things that it doesn’t allow you to easily do. For example, say you hold regular events, you have added all your delegates and want to see how many events each of your contacts attended last year. Due to the way the Attendance information is stored you can’t currently filter only contacts marked as attended in the reporter.

    Once installed the module provides a free text box that allows you to add manually crafted SQL to your report. This allows you to further filter by the fields that AOR Reports does not currently allow you to (for example the Events Invite/Acceptance status).

    Additionally, the module provides an Analysis mode for the AOR Reports editor, allowing you to view the SQL that will be run. All SQL is cleanly formatted for ease of review.

    How it Works

    Once Report Enhancer is installed, the module provides a text box where you can manually add your custom SQL to the report. This add-on allows you to further filter by fields that the current AOR module does not allow you to filter by (for example, the Events Invite/Acceptance status).

    Attendees Pre Tweak
    Attendees Post Tweak
    Additional SQL Entry
    Analyse SQL Button
    Formatted SQL Pop-up

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