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Couldn’t find an event calendar plugin so we wrote one!

    We have had lots of lines of code bubbling away in the web development project pot lately. One of our clients, a transportation consultancy who specialises in various driver transport training courses is working with us on the next phase of website development and advanced features to enable drivers to book training courses online directly from the website.

    To facilitate the functionality specified by the client we integrated the Modern Tribes Events Tickets Plus plugin for WooCommerce to set-up and manage tickets (bookings) and the various stages involved to auto send email alerts and notifications about the course booking.

    However, having installed the Events Tickets plugin it was immediately clear that it had quite a few limitations that would not work for the client so we developed an enhanced plugin for it.

    So how does it all work?

    When you have larger numbers of Events and Tickets on the Modern Tribes Event Calendar, you will often want to import both the events and their tickets.

    However, the existing importer does not let you apply ticket fieldsets, global stock levels nor apply WooCommerce categories to the tickets as they are imported.

    With the plugin we have developed you can have additional columns on your Ticket Import (CSV) File, saving you a lot of additional manual processing and ultimately time and money.

    Requires: Events Calendar, Event Tickets Plus, WooCommerce

    The columns are:


    Global Stock

    eCommerce Categories

    When adding these optional fields, your tickets can be populated with your preset Ticket Fieldsets automatically copying across your pre-defined fieldsets.

    Imported tickets can optionally have a global stock option set, allowing you to share the stock levels between multiple ticket types.

    eCommerce categories can be added to the tickets as they are imported. This gives a higher level of integration with WooCommerce, allowing you to take advantage of Coupons in a more flexible way.

    The Event Calendar add-on for Modern Tribes Events Tickets Plus for WooCommerce is available to purchase and download from the shop section of our website.

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