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Business as usual!

    Needless to say, we are all pretty much in the same boat at the moment keeping our businesses going while we are also home teaching, entertaining our little people, supporting our families and getting used to life with social distancing until the Coronavirus pandemic is under control. When will that happen who knows but one thing we are certain about is that our business is open and operating as per normal.

    We have 2 projects underway which we are looking forward to releasing shortly and we are also working alongside our existing clients to advise, assist and support them in their adjustments in their working practices, such as home working, offering online services as alternatives to training courses, events and more.

    We may not be able to arrange face to face meetings but we can set up Zoom, Skype or similar video calls to discuss technology requirements with you so please don’t let that stop you from starting your online project or seeking expert advice about switching paper-based or manual systems to cloud-based ones.

    Web-based systems provide many opportunities and the technologies around them have only improved since we first started. With facilities such as cloud printing, cloud telephony and many other API’s all being able to be integrated into your web-based system, employees can literally be working anywhere and your clients/customers will never know and when things like Corona happen you can literally pick up where you left off, even with a brand new machine should that be required.

    Moving from a paper-based/spreadsheet-based system can be daunting but we are always here to help and even if it’s all remote at the moment we do have voice and video conferencing tools available should they be required.

    We really are here to offer advice and assistance during these strange, uncertain times so please do give us a call on 01438 894 776 for a call or to arrange a video call or email us at [email protected] We hope everyone stays safe.